Aishat Kadyrova's new collection of dresses in Paris

Paris on February 25, 2020 got acquainted with the culture and traditions of Chechnya. Firdaws fashion house, which is headed by the eldest daughter of the President of the Republic Aishat Kadyrov, presented its new collection of dresses "love Story"to the public.

The show of the Firdaws fashion house, which this year marks its tenth anniversary, is intended to convey the full flavor and depth of Chechen culture. First, the singing of birds plunged the audience into the garden of Eden-this is how the name of the fashion house is translated, and then the mood was set by the Symphony orchestra of the Chechen Philharmonic and the orchestra of Chechen folk instruments. They played Chechen composers and, unexpectedly, Antonio Vivaldi-intertwined Christian and Muslim cultures, emphasizing the commonality. Girls, like mountain flowers, they inspired the author-young Aishat Kadyrova.

"I saw my father give my mother a bouquet of Edelweiss. To find these flowers, he had to spend three days in the mountains. I had the idea to tell this story in the language of fashion, but it took several years to train the masters in unique techniques, " Aishat Kadyrova shared.

About fifty designer dresses made of chiffon, cashmere, leather and embroidered with beads, rhinestones, and fur inserts were presented to the Parisian public. 

Each outfit is a work of art, hand-embroidered. For example, eleven craftsmen worked more than two and a half thousand hours on one incredible red dress. Leather, lace, fur, chiffon, velvet, silk and cashmere, bright but restrained colors.

This collection is unusual for the French capital. Instead of provocative nudity — elegant closeness. Most dresses emphasize femininity, waist, skirt diverges bell to the floor. The sparkle and chic of evening dresses, which seem to have nothing extra. Rhinestones emphasize women's beauty. They seem light, like mountain air, and their dresses flow like mountain rivers. There are also everyday options in the collection.

In his new collection, Firdaws used from soft blue and beige tones to deep Burgundy and emerald colors. Shawls covering the heads of models became an integral part of the outfits. Traditionally, the final chord was a white wedding dress embroidered with gold patterns. The collection was received by Parisians and guests of the capital with a standing ovation.

About sixty foreign ambassadors attended the fashion show. The guests of the show were representatives of the world of French fashion, culture and art. It was visited by Russian Ambassador to France Alexey Meshkov and Director of the Russian center for science and culture in Paris Konstantin Volkov.

A showroom has already been opened in Paris. In the framework of the Russian seasons in France, in addition to the collection "love Story" will be presented and paintings by Chechen artists.

Firdaws fashion house under the leadership of Medni Kadyrova, the wife of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, began work in 2009 in Grozny. In 2011, he won the Grand Prix of the international fashion designers ' contest "Couturier of the year"in Moscow. In 2016, Medni Kadyrova handed over the leadership of Firdaws to her daughter Aishat. The young Manager pays special attention to youth fashion with elements of national color.

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