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The purpose торжество, свадьба, новый год, выпускной бал, вечерняя мода
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There are no women that would go unnoticed in a dress with an open back. The open back remain at the peak of popularity for many years. Dress with cutout on the back is far ahead on the relevance of an outfit with a plunging neckline. Stylish outfits with an open back is always beautiful, sexy and feminine. Alluring cut-out, intriguingly delicate skin, grace – all of those things combine the original model dresses, at the same time strict, inaccessible and Frank.

Chiffon lends a lightness and airiness. Chiffon dress is suitable for young girls and ladies aged.

Long dress with open back must be present in the wardrobe of socialites. Only with its help will reveal the sexuality, extravagance and mystery of the image. Lady in evening dress with a cutout back is the dream of all men. If a deep neckline women all used, then show the back dare not every. The anticipation of this moment attracts the stronger sex, women have to use this trick!

Latest colors


Dress red is a perfect opportunity to show the sexuality of the female figure. Red color emphasizes tanned, dark skin and white skin will give a more aristocratic appearance. If you choose a red long dress with open back and complete it with heels, you will surely be Queen of the evening.


Black dress with open back – perfect if you want to emphasize mystery and femininity to your image. Modern designers offer a huge selection of black dresses with bare back. The neckline on the dress may be different. For example, it may be open upper back, and may be a cutout below the waist. Length dresses can also be different. For example, a long dress is perfect for festive evening or a reception.

Long dresses sit well on tall girls. However, do not be upset if you didn't "model" growth. Just pick a dress and complement it with heels and you will get a perfect image. The fact that the plume visually make you taller and black – slimmer.


Dress green is very relevant in this season. Green is youth, freshness and tranquility. Green is for everyone: brunettes, blondes, and brown, and red. It emphasizes the dark skin and flatter light. For this style characteristic length Maxi. Long dresses with open back are usually made of light materials such as silk, chiffon or guipure.


Blue is the color of the ocean. Lately, designers are increasingly began to use blue color in their collections. This is not surprising because he liked many women and girls. Dress blue with a back cutout looks really cool. This dress will make your look elegant and stylish.


Beige dress with a cutout back – a symbol of elegance and femininity. Beige color itself is neutral, so it is preferable to choose a dress with embroidery or decorated with stones. Beige dress is not recommended for women with full shapes. This dress will make you visually even more, and ruin your image.


Yellow – the color of summer, sunshine and joy. Dress yellow is very uplifting even in the cloudy day. For bold women dresses are available in bright yellow colour. Back, in turn, can also be decorated with various gemstones or inserts.


the Dress is a Burgundy colour – it's a refinement, style, elegance and courage. Bordeaux is the choice of brave and determined women. In this dress you will feel like a Queen. It is impossible that a woman in a luxurious dress felt like a gray mouse. Burgundy color matches perfectly with black. So, the dress need to pick up accessories black color. Importantly, the selection of accessories is restraint.


Fashion open back has gone from white dresses. In order for your image has been created, pay attention to the fabric. The fabric should be high quality and look flawless.

what to wear

Dress with open back, whether long or short, requires the presence of heels.

a Minimum of jewelry. You can pick up the dress earrings and ring. This will be enough.

avoid accessories that covers your back, for example, scarves, body, necklace, etc.


The closure
The purpose торжество, свадьба, новый год, выпускной бал, вечерняя мода
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