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The closure
The purpose торжество, свадьба, новый год, выпускной бал, вечерняя мода
Manufacturing country
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Amazing model retro style dresses hipsters in pea at the prom party in style of the 50s. Dress with a fitted silhouette and a flared skirt. This model effectively accentuate the figure by making the waist slimmer visually already. A stunning style for this fashionista.

Atlas, from which sewed the dress - an exquisite material for the dress flared. Its satin sheen makes you fall in love with the model at first sight. Matchless outfit for the celebration.

a Great style of dress in the style of mods suited to many girls. Judge for yourself. Fragile girl with narrow hips the full skirt will add volume and will make the forms more appetizing.

Today, women often choose this kind of dress for prom, wedding or themed parties. The trend is still a large pea.

the Peak of the popularity of this trend in clothing was in the middle of the last century. Many modern girls prefer now is this bright and enchanting style. Why? Bold, a little unusual and extravagant style will add flavor to every girl.

Sometimes you just do not have enough bright colors in my life. Dudes – a special direction of activity of youth of those years. They, like anyone else adhered to the bright outfits and costumes. Clothing mods many stunned with its beauty.

Planned a retro party or celebration? The outfit is most suitable. The time has come to dazzle all guests in his inimitable way. Lady in costume of the mid-twentieth century is also now trendy as ladies of the time.

Prom night – without fail. Young girls are grace and vigor at this age. The prom dress in the style of 50-ies more relevant than ever.

In terms of a holiday by the sea? Bring a trendy dress with a fitted bodice. And then, will not need to worry about what to wear for a party or romantic date.

Staying in town, you can always find a reason to show off gorgeous attire, such as bachelorette party with friends in a café. Or an easy walk in hot summer day in the Park with a loved one.

Without certain accessories the image of an elegant lady will not be the same.

the Bag should be small, fit model retro 50's. mini theatre handbag on the strap – is seen as a fallback. Or clutch bag. Actual rich colors.

Not a hindrance points. Elongated patterns, which are characteristic of the style, they cannot be confused with other forms of points.

an Unexpected thing – gloves. Yes, Yes, don't be surprised lacquer long gloves – the perfect addition to the outfit.

In the era of hipsters wearing hats. Some ladies prefer a hat made of velvet, felt.

the Hair should be combed back, to straighten and tie ribbon made of satin or decorated rim. But, these ladies are not looking for easy ways. Ideally, the best hairstyle "Babette", the bouffant or the hairstyle in retro style. Just loose hair decorated with a flower – also match the style.


The closure
The purpose торжество, свадьба, новый год, выпускной бал, вечерняя мода
Manufacturing country
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