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Краткие характеристики
Composition 100% polyester
The closure lace-up, zipper
Neck teardrop shape of the cutout
Product length on the back - 151 cm
Style at the waist
Sleeve length without sleeves
Все характеристики

Long chiffon dress in Empire style with open shoulders.

Long dress classic evening attire and a style off the shoulder more will give the regality and femininity to your image.

Chiffon is a light, translucent fabric will make your image light and air-soft. However, if you are the owner of more low-key or even the hard kind, a great addition to the outfit makes a chiffon wrap or shawl that can best accentuate your personality.

Girls with broad shoulders it is not suitable, since visually enhance this part of the body even more. On the contrary, for owners of narrow shoulders and especially the type of figure "pear" this kind of dress will be a great boon.

in addition, this dresses has another effect – it visually lengthens the neck and draws attention to it.


Latest colors


With a light hand designers the color black has long gone beyond mourning outfits, becoming a standard of elegance and style. But don't forget to "spring" and "autumn" colouring, he, like white, might not be the best solution. But it is worth noting that Cape a more suitable shade in this case will save the situation, especially since the black color is easy to combine with any other. For best effect, remember to pick the shoes to match the Cape and a select clutch of the same color, or make the image more remarkable, adding additional notes.


the color Red is associated with passion and sensuality, so model off the shoulder in a coloring is a choice of very bold women. If you don't want to look too aggressive (especially if the choice fell on a bright red floor-length dress), don't forget to complement the image of accessories which will balance the punch of red. This may be the trendy shades of the season – riverside, sharkskin, warm taupe, or Potter's clay or their equivalents.


If you want to look stylish and fashionable, choose the blue dress muted shades. Especially careful should you choose this kind of dress the girls with dark or tanned skin, bright blue will give a very strong contrast, and it should "mute" the accessories of neutral colors.


a Variant with yellow – one of the most fashionable in this season. Remember Belle from the animated film "beauty and the Beast"? This color will turn you into a real Princess and will make the star of any party! Especially advantageous is to see that yellow dress on the girl with dark skin, or the owner of "autumn" flavor.


this season all the fashionable shades tend to "gray". However, this makes them quite versatile and suitable even for those color types, which cool colors is absolutely contraindicated.


all shades of pink this season, the most popular are soft pink and bright cyclamen. Choosing between them, consider what mood should convey to your bow. Cyclamen will become the anthem of your colorful and creative nature, and the soft hue of rose petals accentuate the tenderness, sensitivity and youth.


Green is a tireless classic. Its different shades is appropriate always and everywhere (with the exception of a strict dress code, of course). So you can feel free to choose the one that suits you, taking into account personal preferences and your color type. Different variations of green with warm and cool undertones are present in the recommendations of all the color types.


Composition 100% polyester
The closure lace-up, zipper
Neck teardrop shape of the cutout
Product length on the back - 151 cm
Style at the waist
Sleeve length without sleeves
Print without drawing
The texture smooth
The type of pockets no pockets
Length skirt\dress floor-length
Structural elements cut-off bodice, corset base
Care of things gentle washing at 30 degrees
The purpose celebration, wedding, new year, prom, evening fashion
Season year-round
Gender women's
Country brand Russia
Manufacturing country Russia
Picking dress
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Размеры женской одежды

груди (см)
талии (см)
бедер (см)
рукава (см)
38 XXS 76 58 82 58/60 4 30 0 32 36 0 3
40 XS 80 62 86 59/61 6 32 2 34 38 I 5
42 S 84 66 92 59/61 8 34 4 36 40 II 7
44 M 88 70 96 60/62 10 36 6 38 42 III 9
46 M 92 74 100 60/62 12 38 8 40 44 IV 11
48 L 96 78 104 60/62 14 40 10 42 46 V 13
50 L 100 82 108 61/63 16 42 12 44 48 VI 15
52 XL 104 86 112 61/63 18 44 14 46 50 VII 17
54 XXL 108 90 116 61/63 20 46 16 48 52 VIII 19
56 XXL 112 94 120 61/63 22 48 18 50 54 IX 21
58 XXXL 116 98 124 62/64 24 50 20 52 56 X 23
60 4XL 120 100 128 62/64 26 52 22 54 58 XI 25
62 4XL 124 104 132 62,5/65 28 54 24 56 60 XII 27
64 4XL 128 108 136 62,5/65 30 56 26 58 62 XIII 29
66 5XL 132 112 140 62,5/65 32 58 28 60 64 XIV 31
68 5XL 136 116 144 62,5/65 34 60 30 62 66 XV 33
70 5XL 140 120 148 62,5/65 36 62 32 64 68 XVI 35
Как определить размер
  1. Обхват груди – сантиметровая лента проходит по наиболее выступающим точкам груди, далее - под подмышечными впадинами, на спине - немного выше.
  2. Обхват талии – измеряется строго по линии талии.
  3. Обхват бедер – сантиметровая лента проходит по наиболее выступающим точкам ягодиц.

Как мы измеряем параметры платьев, которые продаются на сайте shopdress.ru?

  • Обхват груди - расстояние на уровне груди под проймами рукавов
  • Обхват талии - расстояние на уровне линии талии в плечевых изделиях и расстояние на уровне верхнего среза в поясных изделиях
  • Обхват бедер - расстояние на уровне выступающих точек ягодиц
  • Длина спереди - измеряется от самой высокой точки плеча через выступающую точку груди до низа изделия
  • Длина по спинке - измеряется от седьмого шейного позвонка вдоль линии середины спины до низа изделия
  • Длина рукава- измеряется по внешней стороне рукава от его вершины до низа
  • Длина рукава от горловины - измеряется от основания горловины или воротника до низа рукава

  • Длина внутреннего шва брючин - измеряется по внутреннему шву брючин от промежности до низа
  • Длина юбок и шорт- измеряется от верхнего шва до низа изделия

Соответствие размеров

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